Recruitment Solutions

images-1Krow provides employers with a range of services designed to get the best value out of the recruitment process. This is achieved through carefully matching job candidates to work requirements. Krow reduces costs to employers by sourcing existing candidates from low cost recruitment providers and through accessing employer assistance programs. Krow can also source new candidates through a fixed price recruitment process.

All vacancies listed with Krow are fully scoped in terms of duties, work requirement, skills needed, personal attributes and values. Candidates are screened according to these criteria with the best candidates presented to the employer.

Job Brokerage
This service provides employers with the best candidates available from within the Job services Australia (JSA) network. Krow acts as an agent on behalf of employers to source potential candidates from all of the JSA providers in their area. Krow also provides a point of contact for the JSA providers eliminating multiple cold calls while accessing the total pool of available candidates.

Employer Assistance
Krow provides consultancy to employers on the range of government provided employer assistance programs and incentives. This service provides employers with the opportunity to get best value out of the recruitment process. Krow will facilitate applications for employer incentives and seek the best qualified candidates.

Fixed Price Recruitment
Krow provides a range of fixed price recruitment options for employers seeking new staff. This can be in the form of a “beginning to end” recruitment process or Krow can provide specific recruitment functions for example applicant screening.