Employment Assistance


Krow has an integrated suite of employment programs with the aim of providing the right mix of training and support to help an individual successfully return to work. An individual can undertake the whole program or mix and match only those parts that are required to achieve an employment outcome.

Job Search Training
Formal training package to build essential skills in job seeking. It consists of 7 modules covering preparing for a new start, identifying skills and abilities, tools for job seeking, developing a job search plan, use of technology and other resources, interviewing and how to prepare for day 1 at work. Courses run every month except January. Course dates…

Facilitated Job Seeking
Coaching and mentoring on job seeking skills to ensure these skills are mastered and implemented by participants.

Job Club
Provides a weekly review of job seeking activity and sets goals for the coming week.

Candidate Marketing
Direct marketing of job seekers to employers.

Placement Support
Support to ensure job seekers start their new job and maintain it for 13 weeks

Benefits of Krow’s Employment Assistance Programs

– Programs are measurable and accountable.
– Efficiency by only delivering programs that are needed.
– Focus is on building competencies.
– Progress and feedback is based on demonstrated skills.
– Group training provides participants with input and support from fellow job seekers and greater contact time.
– Certainty around billing. Reporting captures actual activities.
– Service not limited to specific locations.
– Price is fixed upfront. No extra costs. Only pay for what is used.