Consulting Services


For the “Return to Work” industry (Insurance providers, legal firms and rehabilitation organisations):

Krow provides Consulting Services for cases that require a specific approach or highly individual strategy in a workplace or with a worker.

For Vocational Rehabilitation

This is a highly flexible service that can be used to address pre-vocational needs, self employment issues or increasing capacity. Consulting Services are informed by an Initial Needs Assessment where the current status, barriers to employment and an appropriate strategy can be specified. Our consulting services to the “Return to Work ” industry includes case management services, strategy implementation and regular communication.

Krow will recommend community based or other providers for specific interventions, eg. training providers, where they represent the best value for a client.

The benefits of these services include:

– Services are outcome focused with clear benefit for an individual.
– Program costs and expected durations are known upfront.
– Regular communication with all parties.
– Service not limited to specific locations.
– Proactive management of attendance.
– Flexible billing to reflect the individual nature of cases.