Assessment Services

images-3Krow provides a range of assessments to help professional organisations make decisions about a workers capability to engage in work or make a transition to a new occupation.

Vocational Assessment

A vocational assessment identifies suitable employment options for an individual based on their education, training and experience. This assessment can also provide a measure of earning capacity. The assessment can be used to assist workers returning to the workforce, recruitment and job placement and career counselling. This can be delivered as a Desktop or a “Face to Face” Assessment

Labour Market Analysis

A labour market analysis provides evidence of labour market demand for an occupation based on current labour market conditions and vacancies. This assessment can be used to ensure that an employment option is reasonable and achievable for an individual.

“Real World” Labour Market Analysis

A “real world” labour market analysis builds on the information about current labour market conditions by providing feedback about an occupation from real employers. This includes information about duties, physical requirements, work hours and conditions, candidate requirements and suitability of an individual.

Employability Assessment

An employability assessment combines a vocational assessment and labour market analysis. It is a comprehensive assessment that it provides recommendation on suitable employment options and potential for achieving a successful job placement in an occupation. This can be delivered as a Desktop or “Face to Face” assessment.

Educational Needs Assessment

An education needs assessment identifies suitable training and education, where the training is provided, the entry requirements and costs. This assessment assists an individual who is unable access employment based on their current education, training and experience but could be retrained for a new occupation.

Initial Needs Assessment

An initial needs assessment is used to identify vocational rehabilitation needs, any barriers to employments and to recommend appropriate strategies to assist an individual return to work.

The Benefits of Krow’s Assessment Services

– Recommendations made on known facts.
– Confidence about service quality and consistency.
– Flexible service delivery.
– Service not limited to specific locations.
– Effective use of face to face time.
– Proactive management of attendance.
– Regular communication.
– Price is fixed upfront. No extra costs.